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In light of several canceled/postponed industry events around the world in 2020, GatesAir is proud to present a special schedule of webinars and online events to keep you informed and engaged. This includes new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even "virtual booth meetings" to help personally support your broadcasting needs.

The completion of a GatesAir webinar qualifies for ½ SBE re-certification credit, identified under Category I of the Re-certification Schedule for SBE Certifications.

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On-Demand Webinars

  Topic Presenter(s) Original Date Watch Recording
Advances in Television Transmission Solutions
Learn about innovative high efficiency VHF & UHF systems with power ranges from 5 to 150kW. Introducing new user interfaces, intuitive HTML5 GUIs with advanced security, and integrated Satellite and IP content distribution.
M. Horspool 4/7/2020 Watch Now
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Next Generation Radio Transmission Systems
Review of new products and features for delivery of radio content. We will look at the range of products from low- to high-power, including advances in high-efficiency transmission, HD Radio, DAB and DRM solutions.
T. Lantz 4/9/2020 Watch Now
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Intraplex IP Audio Contribution & Distribution Capabilities
Robust delivery of audio, data & control around the globe just got simpler with the Intraplex range of solutions. Learn about software-based solutions that operate on off-the-shelf hardware along with purpose-built, hardened products.
K. Parikh
A. Gervasi
4/14/2020 Watch Now
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Flexible Low-Power TV Transmission Systems
New and cutting-edge solutions for the unique demands of low-power TV transmission. Learn about compact highly efficient and cost-effective systems that feature simple modular construction that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership. Key features such as intuitive HTML5 GUIs, network security, integrated Off-Air & Satellite receivers and IP-based content distribution options.
M. Horspool 4/16/2020 Watch Now
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Intraplex Audio Systems: Customer Use Cases
Review of multiple real-world implementations of Intraplex audio encoding systems to resolve complex content transportation challenges. We will cover hardware and software configurations, network topology, options for reliable and robust audio and data delivery.
A. Gervasi
K. Parikh
4/21/2020 Watch Now
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Cloud Delivery of NextGen TV/ATSC 3.0 Services to Transmission Sites using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)
NextGen TV brings a cost-effective, one-to-many IP distribution platform capable of delivering a wide array of content and rich media service. We will review the implementation of Cloud-based content delivery leveraging advances in Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) including network topology, capabilities and limitations.
J. Seccia 4/23/2020 Watch Now
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DAB: Complete Solutions for Total Network Deployment
We will examine the advances in compact, cost-effective DAB transmission solutions ideal for deploying across diverse geographies. New compact gap fillers, multicarrier systems, and higher-power liquid-cooled options can arm broadcasters with a full array of solutions that can be tailored to specific network needs. We will also explore codec-to-exciter movement of audio and data from the studios through the transmission network over IP by leveraging the robust transport capabilities of GatesAir Intraplex products.
T. Lantz 4/28/2020 Watch Now
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Reinventing the Transmitter Site: Maxiva PMTX-1 Outdoor Transmitter and Applications Review
The broadcast transmitter site has remained basically the same over the course of history. Based on real world experience GatesAir has redefined how modern broadcast TV transmitters can be deployed, and what the site requirements are. We will review a compact approach that radically reduces the cost to deliver content.
M. Horspool 4/29/2020 Watch Now
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FM SFNs: A Toolkit to Extend Radio Coverage
FM broadcasters around the world have long been able to license FM boosters or Single Frequency Networks (SFN) to augment the coverage of their main FM transmitting systems. However, implementation limitations often yielded poor results. Significant advances have been made in FM transmitters, including real-time adaptive precision, time delay control and software coverage planning tools which have closed the gap from paper to reality.
R. Redmond 4/30/2020 Watch Now
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Digital Radio: A Review of the Latest Standards - HDRadio, DAB, and DRM
Digital radio offers a wide range of services beyond simple audio delivery. We will look at the most popular standards available today, status of the technology, advanced features offered, new revenue streams enabled, receiver availability, and costs to deploy.
R. Redmond
T. Lantz
5/5/2020 Watch Now
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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): The Economics of Deploying High-Efficiency Transmitters
High-efficiency transmitters are the cornerstone of low TCO, though many other factors are equally important. We will look at all the major drivers of total cost of ownership, including repairability, modularity, footprint, and several other factors that can help you select a reliable transmitter that will provide you cost-effective operation throughout the life of the product.
M. Horspool 5/7/2020 Watch Now
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Business Implications for NextGen TV [NAB Show Express co-event]
Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services will speak to broadcast business models being considered for ATSC 3.0 and the kinds of expectations agencies and marketers should have for NextGen TV and local TV advertising in terms of services, data and other opportunities will be available to them, and when.
Sam Matheny, Chief Technology Officer of the NAB will discuss the status of the roll out of ATSC 3.0 and how stations are deploying this new broadcast standard.
R. Ducey (BIA)
S. Matheny (NAB)
5/12/2020 Watch Now
TV Network Planning: SFN Design Guidelines, Gap Fillers, and SFN's Applications
Digital TV networks offer broadcasters more options to create total market coverage using a wide range of tools from on-channel gap fillers to multi-frequency repeaters. We will review technical options and equipment selection criteria, network planning tools, and options including antenna selection to create a seamless viewing experience for the consumer.
S. Rossiter 5/14/2020 Watch Now
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Using Contact Closures to Improve Streaming Workflows
Interested in enhancing digital monetization and recording capabilities in your streaming workflows? Get an overview of the new Intraplex contact closure to metadata feature, and learn how to configure it in your Intraplex unit using SGrecast, including a few use cases for this new technology!
R. Dallons (StreamGuys)
T. Gervasi (GatesAir)
6/11/2020 Watch Now
Taking your HD Signal to the Next Level using Gen4 Technology
This excerpt from our 2020 Radio Show webinar gives a brief walkthrough of the Flexiva FMXi 4g, our embedded HD Radio importer/exporter, showing important features such as automatic time & alignment, SFN integration and increased reliability of the Gen4 HD Radio architecture implementation.
K. Haider 10/7/2020 Watch Now

For these and other online videos, please visit our Webinars archive on our website, or visit GatesAir University for our online course hub. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas and topics for us to prepare for you!

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